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FieldTrace™ is a secure web-based Crop Management System that has been customized for the Hensall District Co-operative.

It is designed to be an integral part of Hensall’s Quality Assurance System.

Since today’s marketplace demands the utmost in food safety and traceability, it is critical to have an efficient method of recording the steps taken to ensure that a safe and high quality product is being provided.

FieldTrace makes the job easier and more efficient for Field Marketers and their clients.

The FieldTrace database is hosted in a secure cloud environment which is accessed through either the FieldTrace Web Browser application or the FieldTrace Mobile app for iOS and Android tablets.

Web App Features

FieldTrace Map

Field Mapping

Map Fields & Crops
Interactively digitize field & crop boundaries or upload KML and Shapefiles.
Crop Years
Crops and Activities are orgnaized by Crop Year making it easy to view past history.
Entrance Locations
Map location of entrances to fields and delivery location.
Field Maps
Generate road maps showing the location of fields and delivery locations.
Hi-Res Imagery
Background mapping of satellite and road layers is augmented with 1 metre resolution Orthoimagery covering most agriculture areas in Ontario.

Record Activities

Record products applied for crop protection. Product database contains registration details along with recommended rates by crop.
Task Lists
Assign and track activity tasks.
Record details such as buffer strips and adjacent crops for contracted crops.
Assign Crops
to Contracts
A key feature of the system is the ability to associate crop areas to production contracts.    Production records are then tracked and verified against the contract details.
Entrance Locations
Map entrance locations for fields and delivery sites along with any details on site restrictions.
FieldTrace Map

FieldTrace Map

Compliance Reports

Crop Protection
Identify crops that may have had products applied at a rate higher that the normal recommended rate or outside of allowed calendar dates.
Commodity Grade
Map based report showing field location and commodity details for contracted crops.
QAP Report
Verify that crop production records are complete and have maps, product applications and are within compliance.
Field & Crop
Map Report
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Mobile App Features

FieldTrace Mobile provides HDC and their clients with all the tools they need when they are on the go.    Based upon the FarmHand Mobile framework it contains many of the productive features found in FarmHand™ and works on iOS and Android tablets.   Integrated with the FieldTrace Cloud platform, it works in both online and offline environments.

Product Application

Product Applications

  • Record Crop Protection Products
  • Over 1000 Products in Lists
  • Organized by Product Types

Manure Application

Manure Applications

  • Calculate N, P, K Credits
  • Use Lab Analysis or Select by Livestock
  • Adjusted N based on Timing/Incorporation



  • Detailed Records for:
    • Diseases


    • Insects


    • Weeds


    • Nutrients


    • Damages


    • Moisture


  • Comprehensive Lists for Diseases, Weeds and Insects (over 2500 items)
  • Calculated Severity Index
  • Record GPS Location and Photos

Fertilizer Application

Fertilizer Application

  • Calculate Applied N, P, K Rates
  • Select Common Products or Use Custom Blend
  • Supports Liquid and Dry Forms


Storage Bins

  • Crop Input & Storage Bin Locations
  • Record Access Restrictions



  • Record Seed Variety
  • Planting Details
  • Field Notes

Product Application


  • Schedule Activity Tasks
  • Assign Coordinators
  • Track Status



  • Record Delivery Tickets

FieldTrace Web App Login

FieldTrace Login


  • HDC Grower Account
  • Firefox Browser & Microsoft Silverlight plugin
  • Internet Connection